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secondlifenola's Journal

Don't cha wish yr AV was hot like me?
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1) Do not piss off the mod/s.
2) Do not piss off the mod/s.
C) Do not piss off the mod/s.
7) For the love of god would you please do an lj-cut for posts containing more than one image, we'd really appreciate it baby.
3) Be cute and witty if possible, don't be annoying. Don't be scared to post though.
4) Exercise your freedom of speech, it's fat. Really really fat.
5) Don't ruin anyone's life unless it's funny.
6) Do NOT get the fucking community banned, asshole
7) Obey zee lj commandments.
7) If you post your shit, you are oking it to be swiped and stolen so don't freak out and hunt people down for not giving you credit. Get over it. Leave being oversensitive to the emo kids.
8) DO NOT POST MORE THAN 5 TIMES A DAY unless what you are putting up is hilarious.
9) Mentioning lj-cuts again.
0) Cuz I'm really fucking serious about that.
7) For the love of god no yiffing
Z) Have fun.
!) If you fuck up you have 24 hrs to correct it, fuckups include but not limited to: broken links, broken images, non lj-cutting 241 images, drunksa postss (unless funny), etc.

By requesting to join this community you accept the above terms and conditions. You can leave at any time, don't care. Plz to forward all calls to my asshole.